Chapter 4

Jensen ended up being a little late, since he purposely took his time on his way, just enough to get Chris a little antsy on not wanting to be late to class again. But, it was a pretty ordinary day, an ordinary shift. His sister, Mackenzie, ended up calling him up during the time at a point just to check up on him. She was the only person in his family that was willing to keep contact with him once in a while. The rest of his family; he hasn’t spoken to in 2 years. They didn’t really accept him for his choices, unlike Jared and his sister. The drugs and underage drinking along with the careless attitude and reluctance towards school made him stand out, almost like he was the black sheep of the family. But when they found out he dropped out of college, it was almost like a screw you they gave him and never picked up the phone when he tried to call. But with Mackenzie, especially Jared, even along with Chad and Chris… They were the only people he had, if he had to really think about it.

Jensen had been keeping himself busy all day, wondering how Jared was entertaining himself after he probably cleaned up that mess. The other side of his mind was trailing back to the conversation him and Mackenzie had, a talk that lead to one thing and then another. It’s almost like she tricked him into the question and put him on the spot. The girl may only be 14, but he swears she’s smarter than her own damn brother.

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    Even though he didn’t need to be— Or at least that’s what he told himself, he felt a bit assured just by the smile that...
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    When Jensen pulled back, long enough to tug his shirt off, Jared quickly took his off as well. While this was new, and a...